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🛍🛍 Lux Designer Handbags is providing service for
buying and selling authentic 
pre-loved luxury items. The resale market is on its boom and continuously gaining popularity if you are not buying luxury items from the right source, you could be getting deceived.

Decades back we always wish to provide one shopping destination for pre-owned luxury goods that was as safe and satisfying as buying new? The day we got an idea for Lux Designer Handbags. The company was formed with the following objectives and guiding principles in mind:

  • First and foremost, we would love to offer lifetime 100% money back guarantee on authenticity.
  • Widen the customer base for exclusive luxury brands by providing the most trusted sources for slightly used luxury inventory.
  • Only offer items that were guaranteed to be authentic and could serve as an affordable alternative to unreal doubted items.
  • Offering a most flexible return policy that matched your expectations.
  • Providing the best and peaceful way for small businesses entrepreneur to sell or trade-in their luxury items to a trusted source "Lux Designer Handbags" 🛍🛍

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